Hi, and welcome to Linked Ink.

Here, writing is our world! We can confidently say we can produce all sorts of solutions for your communication needs. Either for business or personal use, we work with you to design and tailor writing solutions that meet (and exceed!) your expectations.

We write blogs and articles for professional and corporate websites both locally and internationally, in addition to the following:

* Static website content (landing pages, 'about us' pages, bio's etc.)
* Dynamic website content (regular or one-off articles, blogs, product descriptions, product reviews etc.)
* Marketing material (brochures, fliers, posters...you get the gist!)
* Ghost writing.
* Guest Blogging.
* Copy writing.

You name it, we write it.

So whatever it is that you want, we'll work with you until we nail it! Our goal is to create some magic for you. Something that solves all your writing problems and provides you with additional inspiration for your website and business. Most of all, we love problem solving, so hit us with your criteria and we'll develop a piece of writing according to your desired style and tailored specifically for your audience. No two websites are the same, so why use generic copied content when we can write something unique for you? #nobrainer!

Contact us today at Linked Ink or via our online form for initial enquiries or to obtain a quote.

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